But you can call me Jason. Here on the Internet, I use my initials in most places (jehb = Jason E. H. Baker, he/him). I write words and code, and analyze things, and sometimes herd cats. Professionally, I do those things for Red Hat. But I do them some other places too.

At Red Hat, I work mostly on Opensource.com, an awesome community-driven publication about all things open source. I do a little bit of everything, including research and writing about technology, technical review and editing, wrangling the various parts of our own technology stack, and a good bit of analytics to understand how our community is growing and changing over time. I also get to work directly with some of the most talented open source developers and advocates on the planet and help them tell the story of how open source technology is making the world a bettter place.

I’m also really into making cities and towns be better places. I live in Chapel Hill, a large town small city with a well-known public university in the Triangle region of North Carolina. I like public transit, urban planning, public policy, and generally figuring out how we can do sustainability and communication better.

I also like to make maps. Once upon a time I went and got a masters degree in that, and I still do a good bit of cartography and geospatial analytics for special projects here and there.