I should try making some dollhouse furniture. Maybe start with a simple table or bookshelf or something. Work my way up to some midcentury modern masterpiece. Let’s start with standard dollhouse scale, 1:12, because it makes a lot of the math pretty simple. Since 1% error is probably better than I’d do at that scale anyway, maybe assume one inch equals 2.5 millimeters, or one foot equals three centimeters.

Along with miniatures at dollhouse scale, I’m sure I’d also have fun producing some H0 railroad models. Although I’m not particularly in love with the early 20th century target date of most of these. What could I do instead? Modern? Retromodern? Steampunk?

And could I design enough of this kind of thing to make a shop printing these things as kits for others? This person has a really nice collection. I probably can’t be price-competitive with a Latvian company, but I could probably market just as well or better.

I’d still like to get a 3D printer sometime. Maybe a Prusa. I’ve been recommended those before, the prices are reasonable, and important to me, it’s open source.

Could I make a version of this Impossible Table out of wood?

Why isn’t there a better source online for free 3D papercraft models? Is there a business model that would allow me to afford the time to build such a site?