My primary day job is working at Red Hat, purveyor of fine operating systems and cloudy goodness, where I help to manage a community site called shares news and stories about open source driving innovation in technology and beyond. My role involves using data analytics to develop content strategy and drive traffic around a number of thought leadership topics while providing high quality information for our visitors, and help keep our Drupal-based content management system chugging along. I also do a good bit of original writing and technical review of articles around topics including open source cloud computing (in particular, OpenStack), big data, security, Linux, containers, and virtualization.

Occasionally, as my time allows, I also do consulting work. While I have previously done consulting for a number of web development projects, especially content management system setup and migration, I am currently limiting myself to data analytics and visualization projects. My specialties include:

  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Interactive map development
  • Web traffic analytics and search engine optimization
  • Political/voting data analysis
  • Land use and transportation data analysis
  • Real-time dashboard creation

If you have a project requiring data acquisition, cleaning, modeling, analysis, or presentation, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit for one another. My rates are negotiable for non-profits and academic groups.

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