Thanks to my awesome team at for this nifty surprise. I have to say, "SEO Aficionado" and "Evergreen Content Wiz" might make this the most unique award I've ever…

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Five new how-to guides for mastering OpenStack

While the official documentation for OpenStack is a fantastic resource that’s growing every day, sometimes all you’re looking for is a single-purpose guide to walk you through a specific task.

In this monthly roundup of our favorite how-tos, guides, and tutorials, we look at getting OpenStack play well with firewalld and NetworkManager, using Test Kitchen with Puppet on an OpenStack deployment, and more. (more…)

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The Second Primary: Is it Worth the Effort?

In North Carolina, if there are more than two candidates in a primary, the winning candidate must carry at least 40% of the vote in a primary election to win outright. Otherwise, the second-place finisher has the right to request a second runoff primary in which the top two vote-getters from the first primary face off against one another. Second primaries may occur for well-known offices, like Senate or Governor, as well as much lesser-known offices like the various Council of State positions, or may occur for a local race which does not have a statewide component. (more…)

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